Monday, March 5, 2012


When I have to test my students and I can see they are so nervous they look like they're about to pass out, I like to ask where their favorite place is in Italy, and to describe it to me.  Answers of course vary greatly, but many say Naples.  Yet Naples is like Venice, some people love it and some absolutely hate it, and if I'm testing two at once, it's happened where a great debate over it's pros and cons transpires.

In my opinion it seems like a fascinating place, I've heard you can walk down one street and feel like you're in the Middle East and the next a boulevard of Paris.  The Neapolitans are definitely the friendliest, funniest (they never want to speak English during lessons) and all miss their home city terribly.

I found this clip, from the documentary O'Mast about tailors of Naples by Gianluca Migliarotti, a few weeks back at the lovely Fox and Flyte blog and it has me yearning for a trip down the coast.  And not to sound too Milanese, but I really can barely understand what they are saying.  Let's go this summer, shall we?


helen tilston said...

What a beautiful thought to visit Naples. I have not been yet, as Venice always captures my heart and the furthest I can get from it is Tuscany. One day.

Have a glorious week

Helen x

Gil Cohen said...

Naples is the heart of Italy, you absolutely must go, you still have to see Lucca (and us) as well.


Sara C. said...

I have been to Naples few times. What i loved was the light, so clear and sharp. There is a cortometraggio from Valeria Golino called Armandino e il Madre (which is the contemporary art museum of Naples). From the things you write about i am sure you can appreciate.
Take care
Sara C.

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