Monday, June 18, 2012

The True Deceiver

As beautifully as Tove Jansson described summer life in The Summer Book, she captures the same magic of winter in The True Deceiver.  Both recommendations came from Simon at Stuck in a Book, and I couldn't be more appreciative.  I've been introduced to an amazing writer.

Katri Kling and Anna Aemelin are two women living in the same village from completely different backgrounds.  While Anna is older, admired and originally from the village (everything is written in reference to lightness with her), Katri is yellow-eyed, mysterious, brutally honest, always in black and an outsider with her younger brother.  Katri is a genius with numbers and has 'helped' all in the village.  Anna a bit of a air-head (?) is her next victim, so-to-say, and the story continues on from there.

The relationship morphs subtlety but fiercly all with the background of the endlessly snowy winter transforming into spring.  As the story continues we start to wonder who really is the victim is it Anna or Katri?  The townsfolk were also incredible characters in their own way, gossiping, showing their mistrust to any outsider, all with a blue-eyed smile. 

Ruth Rendell aptly said:  "I felt transported to that remote region of Sweden and wheni I finished I read it all over again.  The characters still haunt me."

The landscape reminded me of the snowy winters back home in Rhode Island near the sea.  I took the above photo last year before I moved to Italy.  And I leave you with Lykke Li, who's video I kept referencing in my head whilst reading about Katri Kling.


a misterious teacher said...

vedo che frequenti le lezioni degli altri, anzi delle altre, e non le mie :`(

Daniel said...

ma e' simplicimente che l'altro insegnante e' il mio prefirito...scherzo!!

non e' vero...ho dovuto lavorare!


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