Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decieving Davis

A year ago I must have put all of Bette Davis' movies on my netflix queue, because for the last few weeks it seems she's in EVERY movie I get. Does anyone else have an exorbitant amount of films on their queue as well? It's taxing.

Want to hang out tonight?

Nope, I have to work on my queue.

Well, my favorite so far is Deception. A film noir filled with shadows, infidelity, classical musicians, Mid-century lofts and of course, Deception.

I was also impressed that she actually played the piano in a few scenes, instead of the chest shot with the hands waving helter skelter thats the norm. Pet Peeve.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

LOVE this movie! I have about 350 movies in my queue - generally when they come I have no idea what to expect which gets a bit annoying. When they turn out to not be so great, the good thing is I forget who had recommended them in the first place!

Daniel-Halifax said...

What's even worse is when you actually remember that recommender and growl at the idea of its being in your queue for such a long time!

Anonymous said...

i rearrange my queue depending upon my mood. will have to add deception! and i'm making a note that you recommended it...