Thursday, April 26, 2012

Il Sognatore

Yesterday I was walking around with my friend and she and I were discussing how our dream job would be to work in a great library or an old bookshop.  I'm sure most readers of this blog would agree with us.  With a great twist of fate, I had the most vivid dream last night that I worked in a library like the one above found in a secret passageway of the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele.  After entering said passageway, a staircase was found which brought you down and then up to the library.  I could smell the paper!  I could hear the creak of the floorboards!  I wasn't rich of course, but could pay my bills.  The library was filled with clever, bearded men with occhiali tartaruga, cardigans, famous artists and women with white streaks in their hair.  What a misfortune to awaken.  This library has been in my thoughts since daybreak.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Daniel:
This does seem to have been the kind of dream that one wishes to go on and on. Such a pity that the real world intervenes!

Sadly, there seem to be far too many libraries and bookshops closing these days. Financial stringencies and the ever increasing flood of e-books is surely threatening these most precious of places. Like you, we cannot think of anything nicer than to work with books, real books, all day long.

We do so hope that we shall welcome you to our blog at some point soon.

CW said...

How lovely!

David Toms said...

A dream of mine also, and to have such a library as the on pictured.... pure ecstasy!

Lost in Provence said...

It seems like your brain decided that you deserved a gift. If you subscribe to the romantic notion that we can make our own heaven, then perhaps that you have visited yours.

My dreams are similarly all too real, although rarely so pleasant. As with yourself, it can take me half a day to remember where reality lies!

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