Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amy Levy

In the long, sad time, when the sky was grey,
And the keen blast blew through the city drear,
When delight had fled from the night and the day,
My chill heart whispered, " June will be here!

" June with its roses a-sway in the sun,
Its glory of green on mead and tree."
Lo, now the sweet June-tide is nearly done,
June-tide, and never a joy for me

-from A June-Tide Echo

I loved Amy Levy's portrayal of a different London then we most commonly know in Reuben Sachs, and am so grateful Persephone republished it (and that Carrick brought it back from the shop personally)...her poetry is also something not to be missed...

Can you guess where I am leaving for on Sunday with this weeks postings?


harriet said...

That's a sad poem. Didn't she commit suicide in the end? Thanks for this -- it's a lovely photo too.

Lost in Provence said...

Such resignation in her eyes and in the corners of her lips in that portrait. It matches her words perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Tel Aviv or London...?

Reggie Darling said...

Beautiful poem, with a wrenching ending. How I wish I were in London now, which is where I am assuming you went. Reggie

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