Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

I love the Arabic proverb above. Which brings me to today's lesson:

My friend Sarah sent me the link to Mademoiselle Molly Fryxell's set from her trip to Morocco, knowing that I'd love them. Well, she was so right! I LOVE LOVVE them. The way she captures the little things, the things found from a keen observer, is perfection. It seems that every Swedish girl takes amazing pictures, has great style and covetable blog.
do further research.


Mrs. Smith said...

Beautiful. My interest in piqued.


damn those swedes, they get to go to morocco for 10 kroneys and then take beautiful pictures that make me wonder why im in a starbucks line right now

DM said...

don't worry, our day will come, came?

sarah said...

psst... the top one was my fave too.