Monday, March 15, 2010

Isis Moriendo Renascor

"When I woke it was to a vision of paradise: through the window was the Mediterranean, even bluer than in the postcards.  And there were the square sun-baked houses, the red earth, the grey-green vegetation, the palm trees.  My throat was as dry as ashes, I was coated with a mixture of soot and sweat and aching all over; but the sight of that tideless ocean, mother of gods and men, nurse of poetry, changeless grandiose fact of the ancient world, made me dizzy with joy."
-John Glassco

Reading this last night with the wind and rain spitting at my window was such a nice reminder of the trip I took with my sister when I was 16 to the Cote d'Azur.  One village, Eze, perched atop a high mountain like "a phoenix on a bone," overlooking what seems to be the entire province and Monaco, was pure Mediterranean magic. I surely hope these photos capture the panoramic views combined with the quaintness of it all.  This had Monte Carlos beat with aces.

The title of this post comes from the village motto:

"In death I am reborn"

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