Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shanghai Lil'

From, Footlight Parade, one of the best and my favorite Busby Berkeley skits, stars Ruby Keeler (per usual) and the amazing James Cagney. Their dancing is unbelievable, and the opium den scene is positively shocking!  Hysterically clever lyrics as well.  Unfortunately the clip is only available when you wander HERE, but please do!


W.E. said...

How did I ever miss this?!? I had to re-watch that opium den scene just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. And the incredible James Cagney in that sailor outfit? Aye aye captain.

DM said...

"I pray to Buddha in the judgehouse,
and Buddha he bring back my Bill"

Nick Heywood said...

!!! This is by far one of my favorites Busbys, though I have to admit a marked preference for the fast-witted Joan Blondell over the soppy Ruby Keeler.

Ex: http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/news/watch/v833469RtpFCT4R

DM said...

Nick! I couldn't agree with you more!! In fact, Ruby drives me a bit nuts, but I LOVE Joan!

In fact, back when this blog was but a babe, I did a post on "R.M.F.M"...are taste is so similar!