Monday, June 20, 2011

Hibernian Heritage

After unearthing this gem of a photograph, I realized I never really talk about the Hibernian side of my family.  It's always the Italians (pronounced as my mother's parents would have said: Aye-talians).  Above is a photograph of my grandmother Mary and her two sisters Helen and Margaret.  The scrapper in the middle is my grandmother, and who I've always been told I take after the most.  She had a somewhat dark sense of humor, an elegant way of swearing and a love for Danish Modern, a table of hers on which I'm writing currently.  I'm guessing this is 1924, as she was born on 1914 and looks about 10? 

She played the violin, but only in secret.  One time my grandfather came home from work early and heard beautiful music coming from the living room.  That was the one time he ever saw her play.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph! I love how small your grandmother was compared to her sisters! She sounds like a very interesting woman - anyone who played the violin beautifully but modestly and had an affection for Danish modern furniture would be a friend of mine. :) You must be very proud to have had such a wonderful grandmother!

W.E. said...

Is it the angle or were these three gals exceptionally tall? Fantastic photo and love the story about your Grandmother....what a great pose!

DM said...

Rachel- She was always such a character! I always am told by my father that I have his mother-in-law's way of making him feel like an proud!

WE- It must be the angle? But I think Helen was always a tall one...doesn't she kind of remind you of Tilda Swinton?