Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene the not so Terrible

We did it!  We lived through the Storm of the Century!  Or the one that was supposed to be.  Or the one that all of the news reporters had us in fear of our lives for the past week about.  In all serious, I'm happy it wasn't bad, just a bit spiteful that I'm still sore from boarding up the windows of the restaurant Saturday and sweating bullets in front of my cohorts.  One exciting thing about the coming storm was the eeriness before the storm.  The said drinkable humidity climbing, the empty streets in a normally bustling seaside community, the fog swirling around shingled buildings and over black calm water, and walking down to the water with an ice cream cone watching a lone surfer barely through the fog.  I had a strange drink the night before which may have induced my weary dreaminess but it was all very ethereal.  As the wind whips outside the windows right now, I hope all of you are safe, and that you got some quality rest and free time during this little tempest.


An Urban Cottage said...

It was a breeze here.

Rosemary said...

So pleased that you are safe and suffered no damage. We are but nothing against the elements - a very atmospheric description. I recall visiting some moorland several years ago in order to watch an eclipse of the sun, just before it happened there was an eerie silence and the birds scattered into the trees.