Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Swedish September

I can't believe September is upon us!  Where did the summer go? 
Oh well- we move on.  Isn't this a perfect September room?  Light, airy and white for summer, but with the hardwoods and wood stove, you can see how cozy it will be on those chilly September nights.  Nights where you need the down comforter up to your neck and mornings where staying in bed for an extra two minutes are a necessity.

found at Old Chum


David Toms said...

Yes, the year is just flying past. That is a graet September room. Friends of mine have a cottage up North very similiar in look and feel, which I hope to spend some time at in October.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I simply adore mornings when staying in bed a while longer is considered a necessity.
Ah, autumn.

DM said...

David, you lucky I envy your friends and their cottage in the North!

Pamela, Autumn is upon us sooner than we think!