Monday, November 7, 2011

Dove sei!?

What's my excuse for not blogging?  There are too many to count!  But in order to not sound repetitive and dull, we move on.  Not only is my new apartment warm, cozy, overlooking a courtyard of trees, but it has the internet which means regular blog posts will be the norm.

I wish I could say my life has been filled with days shopping Via Spiga, enjoying an aperitivo on the Navigli, then enjoying a dinner of prawns, Emma Recchi-style at Cracco Peck but it has all been much less glamorous.  Just now, things have finally settled down and I seem to be able to breath.  New job, new school, new responsibilities, endless paperwork and new apartment all equaled one big headache, but it's pretty much all taken care of now, and I can now enjoy myself.

Milan is one of those cities where you find something new and beautiful everyday.  Unlike Rome, Venice or Florence where the beauty is all upfront and ready to see, you have to look for it in Milan.  On a daily basis I find a new stunning courtyard to peak into, I hear about another museum or church I must visit, or pass by a new pasticcieria where a brioche filled with chocolate cream is waiting for me.  It's a rainy day today, only the beginning of a rain-filled winter, but it adds to the Gothic feel of it.  (Being one who terminally looses umbrellas, though, not so romantic) There are so many things I want to see, and not just in Milan.  Scattered around the city are great little towns filled with hidden gems, and with my monthly All Lombardy Pass, I'm going to try and explore as many as possible.  Won't you join me?

The rain has abated a bit, I'm going to run to the store to buy a drying rack for my clothes, and some tea and eggs!


Blue said...

I'm looking forward to more posts now you've settled in. It sounds as if you are going to have a great time.

We have just planned our winter vacation - Nice, Naples, Rome then to London and home to Atlanta. We fell in love with Italy last winter and would love to spend more time there. We are taking Italian classes in hopes of having an even more interesting time.

If you like detective stories those of Donna Leon set in Venice are brilliant. Not translated in Italian, though.

Laurent said...

Extremely Daniel: the umbrella problem, and the tea and eggs. Not imitable.

W.E. said...

Welcome back dear DH! You have been missed.

St. K said...

Love I'll be over in a sec to help you christen that bottle of champs chilling in the ice box. x

Marlen said...

how comical...
you're forever losing umbrellas,
helena bonham carter is forever pilfering them in howard's end!