Thursday, December 22, 2011

Artecchino moderno

I'm sick in bed, nursing myself with funny youtube clips, tea, and Strangers with Candy episodes, pondering how in the world am I going to teach for four hours tonight.  If I die on one of my students at least I'm going out the way I want.

This week I've officially made my residency here at the Commune, which means free health care (hello dermatologist!), I can now buy a car (I'm not), but leaves me a bit sad saying good by to my Yankee roots.  I'm being entirely overdramatic, but it all feels very permanent. 

It is the final step you have to make with the legal immigration process here, so I feel like I've not only won a marathon, but an Iron Man championship or the Olympic Gold in Male Figure Skating!  One or the other!


An Urban Cottage said...

Maybe it could a combined event: Iron Man Figure Skating.

Feel better and Buon Natale!


David Toms said...

Hoping that you feel better soon! Good luck with the Immigration! Love this pic.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's amazing... congratulations!