Thursday, January 5, 2012

Castel Gardena

I don't know why I can't motivate myself to upload my pictures from my adventure in the mountains, but alas! I'm on vacation mode still, so they will have to wait.  Instead I give you pictures of Castel Gardena in Trentino-Alto Adige, taken by a professional!  I'll add this place to my check list of places-I-will-retire-to-in-fourty-or-four-years.  It's true the mountains, as seen above, in the Dolomites are different.  The peaks sort of explode straight into the heavens.

Oh how I miss my wood stove!  The dampness here kills me.  And to think I'm Irish?  The people I stayed with had a tiled stove similar to this one, minus it being centuries old.  As you can imagine I was never two feet from it.

Today I was the first day of January sales, and I survived!  Not without getting the wind knocked out of me twice by a gigantic Prada and aerodynamic Alexander McQueen shopping bag, though.  I can honestly say today was the first day I had to fight for my life while shopping...with all men.  Today was living proof that Milanese men care more about the way they look then any other.  I did manage to claw away (it wasn't easy, honestly) two coats to help me survive the rest of the winter.

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helen tilston said...

Hi Daniel

The Dolomites looks so interesting. I have only flown over them on my way to Venice. I agree with you about the degree of coldness and dampness in Winter. I think I was never more cold than when in Venice one winter and I was born and lived the first 18 yrs of my life in Ireland!
Hope you found some cashmere socks, gloves and sweaters at the sales.
Helen xx