Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Como, Siberian-style

I have an American friend, who's married to an Italian and strategically lives in Como.  When both of us feel that need to speak with our own kind we seek each other out.  She lived in Vermont and was born in Long Island so we're practically kin!  We get together, drop our R's, say things like 'dude' (not really), and complain.  It's a lot of fun!  The fact that she's 50-something makes it even better!  I digress...

I went to visit her on Friday and Como was also in Dr. Zhivago-mode.  Stunning!  It didn't even look like the same place I visited a few weeks earlier.  I was ready for Laura to whip around a corner in a sleigh any second!

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the designers muse said...

Great photos, Italy must be amazing in the snow. I just posted photos of a snow blanketed Rome on my blog. I'm not there personally, but am certainly in spirit.