Sunday, April 22, 2012

So don't mind if I fall apart

A week ago I was waving goodbye to my family as they cruised down the Grand Canal on a water taxi.  My dad stood up, turn around and waved one more time as I stood at the embankment near San Stae.  Probably one of the most dramatic partings of my life, but fitting for our family trip throughout Italy.  We laughed, ate well, I translated until my head hurt, we enjoyed ourselves, laughed at each others jokes, and while driving my sister and I discovered we know every word to more than a few Carly Simon songs.

Como, Bellagio, Barni and Barni

Porto Venere

On the Chiantigiana

Val D'Orcia

Castello di Verrazzano (one of the best places I've spent a week)





Throughout the trip I couldn't help thinking that I've lived here for seven months and really I've seen nothing!  But even the Italians feel the same.  Every tiny town, every village, every castle is unique and filled with history and it's own set of stories.  I've made it my goal to do some more exploring...I haven't even made the lightest scratch of the surface.


helen tilston said...

Hello Daniel

What a fabulous trip with your family and no doubt memories of this will be treasured and re-lived for many years to come.

I am in agreement that Italy is such a rich country and impossible to see all. I have been several times and most often for two week and I have yet to see Rome. Tuscany, Umbria and Venice just steal all my time and I know I will feel the same about other parts as I explore. Long ago a wise man told me to not rush around the world but to savour each little segment. I listened, I think.
Thanks for this wonderful uplifting post

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Daniel:
What glorious images you delight us with here from the time spent exploring with your family. You must have been sad to see them depart, but it sounds as if you have many exciting adventures planned for the future.

We have found you via our dear friend Paul Gervais de Bedée and we are thrilled with what we have seen and read so far. We have signed up immediately as Followers and look forward to your future posts.

Blue said...

Beautiful photographs, Daniel.

We're planning our winter vacation in Italy again and this time we probably will do again what we did three two winters ago - Christmas in Rome and New Year in Venice with Florence in between.

Babylon Sisters said...

Your photos are gorgeous - you really capture magic!

DM said...

Gee Whizz, thanks everyone!

Helen-I've only seen Rome VERY briefly as well, must add that too my list. And I've seen nothing of Umbria!

My dear Hattats-So glad you found me! Signore Gervais is a kind soul. I love your blog as well, and look forward to reading it regularly!

Blue-be sure to send me a wire if you're near!

Babylon sisters- Mille grazie! but I think it's the country that's so filled with beauty, not me or my camera!

Laurent said...

Handsomely done, kid. The red shoes are ***.

Anonymous said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Heather Robinson said...

Et voila. I found you via the very talented Dash at French Sampler only to find my friends Helen and Les Hattats here in the comments. So. I am delighted. I love your eye!

With all my best from Arles,

Thomas Hogglestock said...

I think Italy is one of those countries where just be-ing pleasure enough. On the other hand, if, and when you move away from Italy, you might bemoan what you didn't see while you lived there. I am envious.

Nick Campbell said...

Too many gorgeous images to comment on all of them, but Venice particularly – wow! I’m glad to see you’re living in realms of beauty and you know it.

DM said...

you must go nick, if you haven't. being a lover of the sea (brighton) you'll love its smell, brightness and spookiness

the designers muse said...

Your images of Italy are beautiful. I do get the feeling there is so very much to see there...that it could easily take a lifetime. It would be wonderful to start with an extended stay there! Thanks for sharing.

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