Monday, October 12, 2009

Patience My Pet

Here lies the gorgeous work of Mon Petit Fantome! I was a great and long-time admirer of his work. Alas! One day I decided to enter a competition to win a free gift from him, and won! After patting myself on the back, I waited for the parcel to arrive. When I gingerly opened said parcel, I quickly rushed to the fainting sopha and grabbed my hankie. 'Twas the most beautifully packaged article I've ever recieved! Inside lay a papercut of a wolf, which was then immediately hung on the wall next to Mums, Dadums and Uncle Gustav Klimt! Thank you! For anyone else go check out his etsy shop hither and his blog thither! Do it NOW!

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Uncommon Objects Blog said...'re the sweetest. xo.