Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chaste Charleston

Well, friends and lovers, I'm about to shower you with pictures from my trip to Charleston. The wedding was beautiful, probably the MOST beautiful, but I still have to develop those pictures, I won't bore you with 'thats Uncle Ethel and Aunt Norma' business. Your welcome.

Now step through this here gate and I'll show you 'round.
Based on a reproduction of the Baroque period the mirror seen here is....
just jokingMy headboard at the B&B.

With so little light, I'm surprised this picture came out. It shows the nicer slave quarters at an antebellum mansion.

I wanted to move into this library. The librarian was not very friendly and followed me around. I also was not allowed to take pictures of any books. She's the first thing to go when I move in.

They must have heard I was coming built this in my honor. See what the writing on the gate says?!


Whew! Tired yet? Ankles swollen? Fannypack need refillin'?
Well, I'll let you rest and fill you in on the rest tomorrow.
Now for homework, memorize 'Gone with the Wind' and write a paper on the benefits of a deep fried diet.


Melyssa said...

Hi. I was wondering if you could put me in touch with the Bride from the wedding you attended in Charleston. I run a bride website and we're looking for 2009 brides to give advice to our 2010 brides.


Uncommon Objects Blog said...

So divine! Everything looks so lovely, and I'm happy you enjoyed your trip.

Jay said...

Ridiculously lovely! I'm headed to South Carolina tomorrow and can't wait to marinate in all the general old-timey-ness. But shockingly, I've never been to Charleston!

Bordeaux said...

I love these, they are so beautiful. That library! Love the way you caught the colors too.

Jenna Schold said...

These are beautiful, haunting! May I recommend a picture walk through red roof inn next time?

JWC said...

The Hibernian is a spectacular building- I just found this link for you to see the interior. You would never guess there's a three story rotunda.... or gasoliers with gilt harps.

DM said...

oooh! please send it hither, if you can!