Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sette per Signore Peacock

Mr. Peacock, has nominated me to tell seven things you don't know about me.
Hmmhaww. Let me think:

1. When I was three and when I was five I broke my right femur (pushed off a slide, flipped off sofa onto moonstone fireplace).

2. My favorite meal is Moules Frites.

3. My father is a fisherman. Growing up, when times were tough, we'd have fish for dinner four or five times a week.

4. Ever since I was little, I have had a fascination with Yap, Micronesia and Bhutan. I'd like to go to both before I die.

5. I want to learn the fiddle.

6. I once worked at a coffee shop where I made lattes like this.

7. I wish I went to school to be a librarian, my childhood dream job. Money has less meaning the older you get.


Sarah Ryhanen said...

what is this "money" you speak of???

Bordeaux said...

Pretty entry with evocative imagery. I like.

Jay said...

1. If you're ever in New York, you have to go to Cafe de Bruxelles for moules frites.

2. I strongly suspect that you're a Mr. Smartypants, from all those childhood fish dinners!

3. It's never too late to get your MLS. The world is in sore need of good librarians.

DM said...

1. OOO!! I've never been! I like petite abeille though!
2. Not so much, just a penchant for getting nauseus at the smell of bad fish.
3. I think your right! :)

Jenna Schold said...

I love these! There's a boy in my class from Bhutan so I'll see what I can do, and I just bought a fiddle...time to visit.

DM said...

i just moved two steps closer to a dream come true!