Monday, January 4, 2010

Gossip by candlelight

My dear Ladies & Gentlemen, Magpies & Fauns, Newsies &'s been ages! I've missed you all dreadfully.

So much to gossip about with you and no idea of where to start! Did everyone have a relaxing time off? Hopefully you're looking well rested, rehydrated and bright-eyed. I spent most of my time reading good books, watching good movies, watching a bad movie (Avatar...don't EVEN get me started into how I was bamboozled into it) and knitting. These I shall talk about later, but let us start with what is fresh in my mind and the elixir to winter blues:


It was a wild time, and I'm so happy everyone really went all out with their costumes and regalia! I'll let the photos do the talking. (thank you sarah and micah for letting me use your photos!)

Micah and Jordan set up a great photobooth. Some of the results were real gems and had us laughing hysterically the next day.

Micah and Katie, Lord and Lady of the Solarium.
Jordan, Lenaya and Moi. Eternal Ménage à trois.
Dokolo and Magdalena. Foreigners, but we still love 'em.Adrienne and Samy, our Prom Royalty.
Miss Coco and Mr. James. Bon Vivant and Co.
Emi and Moi. I found my Shanghai Lil.
It was a wonderful time, and haven't danced that much in eons. I won't ever forget it, unlike my real prom which I didn't go to. Now I have to nurse my feet back to health, 6-inch platforms do a number.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Lovely pics, keepers.

Bordeaux said...

I absolutely refuse to see Avatar, it sounds dull. Fabulous party pics! I love Samy's suite, very hot.