Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny Face

If you're anything like me, when you were little and made a weird face, your charming wise-ass mother would tell you, "Watch out I knew someone who's face stuck like that!" (insert Kennedian accent)

It's not my fault my parents thought it a good idea to get rid of TV, depending on books and front-of-mirror-laughing to keep me busy!

Well, I'm pretty sure after making these faces for years, mine's about to stick. My jaw gets locked like this:
When a story shocks my constitution, my brow freezes like this:
Or if I'm bored with the story about how you know Liza Minelli, I look like this:


Mrs. Smith said...

HAHAAHA. wow. My favorite broads all in one post. And you do them all so well...scary. ;-)

Jenna Schold said...

ahem, I believe I've seen that Edith Peale face more than once on you!

DM said...

ha! "then like my little student from Bhutan said i'm pretty, and then i like said like no way!"

Nick Heywood said...

but my story about how I know liza minelli is so funny ... pity. sounds like you've heard one too many.

DM said...

'tis true haha...but i'm sure yours is hilarious! I can comfortably say, because I know he doesn't read this, that I have an acquaintence who mentions how he knows her in just about every conversation.