Wednesday, April 28, 2010

375 Ocean Road

Come with me on a tour of Melrose, a 1916 Tudor style home in Narragansett.  It's always been one that catches my eye when I whisk by. Last summer when the gang from New York were visiting we snuck in to  take pictures and explore the abandoned grounds.  As soon as we were done I researched it extensively, so you can imagine my surprise when today I drove by today and saw a "For Sale" sign up front!  Thank God for my pacemaker, whew!

(disclaimer: sorry for the incredibly heinous photos...thank you remax!)

Above is the view from the front door, I know this from the time I snuck a peak in the windows seen in picture.  This room will be great for those making dramatic entrances to my parties.  I'll have to hire live entertainment of some sort.

Not sure what this room is below, but I'm envisioning quiet nights with friends by the fire, talking and smelling the wafting jasmine come in from the garden.
This must be the master suite?

The listing price is $579,900.  A "steal" especially since all the houses in this neck of Ocean Rd. start at 5 million.  

Did I mention four bedrooms, four baths, a guest cottage, three car garage, koi pond (top photo, under the plywood), spitting distance away from my favorite tidal pool for swimming and basically a dream come true.  I daren't imagine where to start the work, but if I was a millionaire or in another phase of my life I'd buy this in an instant and start the dream life. 

Here's the picture Micah took of Katie and I in the garden last May:  (I'm the ecru blob rolling about in the grass, wearing Katie's poncho in a bucolic fit.)

I hope this isn't "the one that got away!"


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

full of charm and the last photograph is just beautiful.pgt

Bordeaux said...

Sell your soul for money and buy it! Gorgeous.

DM said...

I know! I'm so tempted! If only I could find someone who purchased souls!
I'm banking on the really terrible real estate market. There's a house for sale nearby built in 1690 that was for $550 and is now $250.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Daniel, that is such a steal! You could make it look amazing. And the garden picture is simply stunning. Not so good of you though. In honour of finding your delightful blog, please accept a Beautiful Blogger award at mine xx

DM said...

*clutches breast then gasps!*

THANK YOU! I'll be sure to pass on the honour! Yours is even more delightful!

Nick Heywood said...

I've seen it and concur.

Is it even a vague possibility, if you were able to beat the price down? Because I have many a friend who've been cleaning up on the insane housing market, and wish you to be one of them (sigh, and myself. When shall I have my Manderley?).

I would bet money that photo #4 is a dining room, from the high wainscoting. When you do take possession, will you reconsider the color scheme? Half-timber houses in America seem always to look sort of ersatz, with the whole sort-of-wood-brown and sort-of-stucco-white. Overseas where the originals are they've done away with this and adopted more charming schemes -- say dove grey for the strapwork and verdigris for the stucco? -- it wouldn't go with the roof, but you're going to need to replace that anyway (water damage in the living room attesting), and I imagine you'll want to upgrade to slate, or maybe even copper ... or! or! thatch!!!

The Down East Dilettante said...

I know the building---a converted carriage house to a vanished grand estate--charming beyond words...and that garden---just lovely.

DM said...

Nick...It would be a possibility if it was ayear or two in the future and I had SOME sort of savings. Who knows! The housing market's the pits and it seems the last thing anyone wants to do is buy a fixer.

And you read my mind on the trim, I was thinking a grey, but couldn't think of anything for the stucco, so verdigris seals it. And for the roof...THATCH! There's a man I know who literally lives around the corner from this house and has been to training for thatching in Eng-ger-land! That or cedar shaker shingles...the "poor" mans thatch.
I've really become Mr. Nichols now.

D.E.D...I'd love to see what the estate once was, now it's this vinyl monstrosity which makes a HIGH hedge a necessity.