Friday, April 2, 2010


Remember last week when I started a quest to find the perfect bookish cottage by the sea?

Well, dears, I found a few more, one found by another.

This is pretty spot on just missing some leather volumes, which I'm sure is on the other side of the room:

NEXT! (whacks pointer to chalkboard) is this specimen:

A "good thing" although a bit too elegant.

On to the one sent to be by his Lordship, Uncle Dunkle:

By Jove! that mountain man never ceases to suprise me!

To wrap up class, think back to Ang Lee's adaptation of 'Sense and Sensibility.'  (The most beautiful of all Jane Austen films.)  Yes, well remember the "terrible" cottage in Devonshire they make a home of?  C'est parfait!
Everytime I watch it my body shivers with longing. 

 I looked and looked and these are the only measly pictures I could find:


Get's me everytime.


Nick Heywood said...

I have to know where that third image is! Where is it, and by whom was it designed? Gluckman Mayner? Valerio Ogliati? Who!

I love them all, but this one steals my heart. Citation, please!

Nick Heywood said...

!!!!! And "Reds"? Our tastes are simply too similar. I love that movie, most certainly one of Diane Keaton's best performances and so very beautifully set, directed and edited. I've tried to get many friends to watch it with me, but they balk at the length ... what's so bad about long movies? More of a good thing.

Don't you just want to clap when she's testifying in court? The film so effectively chronicles her development from some sort of dilettante into a person worth knowing about and listening to. And all the documentary style asides ... love it.

Screw deadlines, I'm watching it again tonight.

(Completely unrelated, but the other film NO ONE agrees to watch based on length is "Fitzcaraldo," which is just incredible. Shortening attention spans, I guess.)

DM said...

As an absent-minded professor, I am unable to give you citations...yet. I'll ask Kyle where he got it from. In a fit to collect these pictures I saved them all with no reminder to myself of where I found them.

SO glad you love Diane as much as I do. I love how mad she gets at Warren Beatty in the film...if my life was made over in a movie, I'd want her to star me.

And 'Fitzcaraldo:' looks fantastic! I can't believe I've never even heard of this...sending it STRAIGHT to the top of my queue!

Anonymous said...

Yes! That awful cottage always struck me as a dream home.

Anonymous said...

barton cottage from the BBC sense & sensibility:
LOVE the whitewashed walls... perfect!

DM said...

Thanks for the link! I can't believe you can rent it! Cream teas on me for the lot of us!