Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bungalow, Cambodian-Style

A part of me would love to spin a globe a round, pick a spot with my pointer finger and set up shop wherever it lands.  I feel no matter where you go you can make something great of it, as long as you don't expect too much. 

I'm not sure if Daryll Collins did the same thing, but he certainly made his new home in Cambodia some kind of special!  A few weeks back the New York Times wrote an article about how he bought a 1915 home, moved it to an island and renovated it into the beauty it is now. 

I believe I've talked about this before, but when I was little I would ask everyone:  if they could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 

Now for you dear readers, where would you go?


Mrs. Smith said...

You STILL ask that question! But it always lends to interesting conversation. Pathetically I would still live in RI. But would love to travel the world over.

donna baker said...

Daniel, if I spun that globe around I'm afraid it would land in Afghanistan.

Victoria Bellow said...

I would love to live my life to the fullest!i'll not choose to land anywhere but would love to travel around the globe!nice post and interesting blog.thanks for sharing.

DM said...

haha, ruth, guilty.....
donna, its too bad Afghanistan is war torn, I've heard even 50 years ago it was beautiful.
victoria b, so glad you stopped by!

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

NYC. I want nothing more.
But I also want to live in the countryside in Italy or in the Cayman Islands. I think I'd divide my year in several places. Haha. This IS a fantasy, right?

The Down East Dilettante said...

I'd rather like to be a decadent aristocratic old thing living in a vast house with lots of courtyards in Marrakesh.

btw, I had a client once who built a summer compound of houses---a south african dining pavilion outside that looked like Heidi on speed inside, a russian dacha guest cottage outside with venetian shell grotto bedroom inside, and a thai temple guesthouse outside, that was pure Ralph Lauren fishing camp inside...all pretty wild.

Anonymous said...

the country name doesn't matter: just someplace tropical, wild and isolated, near a ocean.

Anonymous said...

Like Jason I'd have to split it up throughout the year:

November through March: Thailand or Vietnam, along the coast in a thatched hut. Or Morocco.

March through June: Portland! Perfect time for gardening and getting the old bicycle out of storage.

July and August: Scandinavia

September and October: Paris or Prague.

I've gone back and edited these choices down - I could pick a different place for each month of the year! But maybe that doesn't count as living somewhere?

A question that has always stumped me is "Where wouldn't you want to visit?"

DM said...

I love these! So glad you are responding, I was worried no one would!

Jason-I'm with you on the countryside of Italy! AND the multiple long as they look lived in.
Dill-being a decadent aristocrat is my criteria, somewhere i can yell at the imaginary "help." HAve you read 'A Rebors' by Joris-Karl Huysmans? If not, stop everything and start it! And that house?!? WHERE IS IT? I want to move in!
Sarah-I see you in Zanzibar or Goa, India! I'm coming for a visit!

DM said...

Anzie! these are amazing!! Me thinks we should split up houses and just spend all our time together moving to each others homes.

Where would I not want to visit? That IS a tough one? Actually it's probably somewhere in our own country, but even then, I'm struggling.

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

West Virginia, Daniel. West Virginia.

DM said...

haha! If we were playing the temperature game, you'd be getting warmer! Without naming names, another one rhymes with forth lakota.