Friday, July 2, 2010

A lucid mirror, in which Nature sees

In the heat of finishing a six month (at least) quest for the perfect sopha, it seems I've completely forgotten to tell you about it.

Yes, I found one and it's not what I would've thought I wanted yet 'tis sheer perfection.  (Bored yet?)

There's this consignment store locally that basically gives away the most beautiful articles. As I stopped by one day after work, looking grody and sweaty, I chanced upon said sopha.  She sat elegantly in the back room, love at first sight.  Of Asian decent made of solid teak with intricate engravings, her upholstery made well and standing the test of time.  Some work needs to be done to her arms, but I know a master woodworker who has actually made an entire Japanese house -horse hair plaster, cedar panelling and all- nearby, so I'm going to trade some work with him.  As she sat smoking her cigs in the corner I said goodbye, nervous of impulse, but went back, twice, until I finally bought it at an unbelievably low price. 

As I carried it out of the store with the owner he mentioned nonchalantly that they have a matching table at the other store and in it they found the visa and tickets for the woman who owned it...coming from Hong 1933!!!!!  I think I might have had an accident there and then. 

Now she sits comfortably in my apartment; I imagine her joining me where ever I end up.  I'll show pictures as soon as she's back from her "procedure" for the time being I'll show a Spencelayh, similar to the print I snatched at the dream shop.  Locals, please email for location.

-Me in a few years!-


Nick Heywood said...

!!! Yes, now, please!

DM said...

And when I said locals I meant, Lord Heywood and Contessa Bevilacqua!

Letters en route!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the photos! We recently got a new loveseat type thing, quite cute. I'll try to send you some photos if we ever get around to it :)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Look forward to the pictures! It sounds fabulous Daniel xx