Thursday, December 23, 2010

Arabella Strange

Don't you love when you find a piece of work from one of your favorite artists that you seemingly thought you knew everything about, yet have never seen before?  This just happened to me with Kay Nielsen, a master from the Golden Age of Illustration.  I've been scouring all my books about him, but alas! have found nothing.  It came from a Tumblr, so there's even less evidence there..

Can anyone tell me which story this glorious illustration belongs to?

(Those of you who've read 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell' will recognize my reference)


Steven Cain said...

Dropped in to visit by way of Little Augrey... What a breathtaking illustration! And blog! Sorry, I've nothing to offer on that print... hope you don't mind if I browse.

DM said...

By all means!! The kettle's on, stay a while!!

Unknown said...

too wonderful for words

Kim said...

I absolutely adored Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. This illustration captures Arabella perfectly.

Also, I found your blog through Stuck in a Book's recent post. Your comment made me laugh. I, too, read Merry Hall, but forgot it was an autobiography--so entertaining! Love your blog.

DM said...

We must have MUCH in common, Kim!! :)

And as I think back Merry Hall isn't much of an autobiography at all! More a memoir I guess! Thanks for stopping by.

Jay said...

This is such a completely perfect illustration for Arabella. Bravo, sir!

As for the image itself: I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's a one-off watercolor inspired by "The Story of a Mother." It's not the image that accompanies the same story in Fairy Tales by Hans Andersen, but it definitely fits with the text.

Also, the original sold for £18,000 in 2008:

DM said...

WOW Jay, thank you! That was one of my problems, not knowing the story...and I can't believe you found where it was sold. Well done! You're hired!

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