Monday, December 20, 2010

Travails at the Tailor's

After a lunch with my dear friend, Mark Ogilvie-Grant, at the Savoy, I mentioned I was en route to a tailor.  When Mark asked which one I frequent, I was unable to answer.  "Mr. Taylor's," I invented.

"Nonsense, he doesn't exist. I know every tailor in London.  Your Mr. Taylor is imaginary."

After accepting defeat, he steered me toward his own on Saville Row.  In the shop we moaned and groaned about not finding the right shape, fit or color.  This one will make you look short.  This one will drown you.  This cashmere will accentuate your gin blossoms.

"Your rather boyish shoulders are difficult to fit, Sir," piped in the tailor.

"Thank you," I curtly replied, cursing my mother's thin-shouldered Irish heritage under my breath. 

Then, like a gleam from the Heavens, was a men's journal on the work table held open by a French curve.  Under said curve lay a gorgeous J.D. Leyendecker illustration.  The Beltsac. "This, this will do."

"Quite right, Sir, will it be double or single-breasted?"

Illustration: NYPL


DM said...

ha! Thankfully I shop alone mostly...But I do love clever conversation lunches!

Thomas Hogglestock said...

I have a wonderful Leyendecker book. HIs work is so fantastic.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

JDL goes very androgynous here. that is a great jacket.

DM said...

Thomas- There's a museum in Newport FILLED with his work. I, sadly, have never been.

LA- the androgynous look has always been my best bet...

Marlen said...

is this from a book! it's written so well!!!

DM said...

Tis my own words, Lady Marlen...Thank you!