Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letters from Donna

One funny thing about being abroad is reading my mom's letters and e-mails.  We've never really had to write one another before, but let me tell you, she leaves me in tears.  She could be a co-writer for HH.

For example:

'Hi Dan

I heard you talking with dad this  am.   I was still in bed, & I decided to give dad a chance to talk with you.  It makes him feel special...'

Imagine David Sedaris' parents and you have my parents.

Knowing that it takes her 20 minutes to type an email makes it ever more special.

Photograph taken in the wine cellar of Villa della Porta Bozzolo


Laurent said...

Hilarious, you should be disashamed. Which is worse, by which I mean to say, better. :)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

That's lovely! My dad does the same. I get the maddest emails and random photos xx

Thomas Hogglestock said...

Hey Daniel: You were a give away winner. Check out my blog and then email me.

Mrs. Smith said...