Friday, December 30, 2011

A rose will bloom...

...and then will fade

If you had been at the great Stazione Centrale last night, an Art Deco masterpiece, you would have found me sunkissed, content and loaded down with shopping bags full of cheeses(yes it's true, Carrick), produce, speck, part of a gigantic panettone and other delights from my trip to the snowy Dolomites.  They were spectacular, something impossible to capture on film...but I'll talk about that trip next year.

As we travel into the next year, it's impossible not to think of the changes that have happened in our lives.  Can you believe it will be 2012?  No.  I can't either.  If we go back ten years, we were still living in the recent memory of the Twin Towers falling, I was in High School, hating life and everyone in it, wishing I was 10 years older. 

I can gladly say my outlook has changed for the better, but I'm also pleased that I've fulfilled what age 15 Daniel wanted in life!  If you had asked me then: Where would you like to be in 10 years?  I would have either rolled my eyes and continued reading my book, or I'd say, 'I dunno Italy, France, London? I'd like to live in Europe for sometime or New York.' 

It's nice to look back and say you've accomplished your goals, Lord knows there are about a million others unfulfilled.  I wonder what next year will bring you and I?  Let's hope it's another goal answered.

Images from my recent trip to the stunning city of Verona

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Jenna Schold said...

These pictures make me feel I'm there, rosy cheeked too! It feels so wonderful when the daydreams that fueled lunchtime cafeteria hours come true...(somewhere there are cheeses that aren't bright yellow; unpeeled slice by slice...somewhere)