Tuesday, January 3, 2012

La Nebbia

The Milanese fog or "nebbia" is strong this morning.  Not that I can complain, we've had an unusually warm and sunny autumn, but on dark days today shouldn't we all follow the example of the mistress above?  I wonder what she's reading?

Portrait by Felix Vallotton, a Swiss painter connected with Les Nabis


helen tilston said...

Good Morning Daniel, it is windy and cold here 10c at Indian Rocks Beach.
I love this painting, the fabric looks like a Missoni. Speaking of painting, I am hanging my art show today which is always physically exhausting.

What are you reading?

St.K said...

Probably the Marquis de Sade that naughty girl!

DM said...

Helen, I'm sure the Saint Katherine speaks truth and it is indeed the Marquis...Your Holiness, my guess was DH, which can only prove our tantamount thinking remains.