Monday, May 31, 2010

Alaska Air, Flight 30, Seat 25F

It's with a heavy heart that I'm posting back in the Colonies.  Sigh.

Portland was amazing as usual, and my panging desire to live there burns ever stronger! (Can you tell I've been reading Gothic novels?)

Maybe if I make a list everything will be easier.  A sampling of what went down:

-Made eye contact with friendly people on the street. (We don't do that in "America.")

-Referred to back east as "America"

-Scarce purchases: two used books as Powells (actually four but they were gifts) and a marcell hair iron, for finger waves (if anyone wants me to do their hair and talk about their problems come on over! I promise to make you look like Mae West and pretend to listen!)

-Spent five hours at Powells

-ate Voodoo Donuts

-Went to the movies to watch a film noir for 3 clams!
-Talked in hushed tones at the Japanese Garden with Jenna (the Prime Minister of Japan says it's the most beautiful Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan).  I may be so bold as to say most beautiful in the world.

"A story like mine, should never be told...."

- And saving the best for last, cried all day long at my friends most beautiful wedding.  Hotmess of a groomsman!  Preview to come: "Wedding. In manor house. In Ravine. In mossy  rainforest." Here I go again...

(First two pictures were from last year, and even though I packed like I was crossing on the Mauritania, I forgot my camera, so picture of garden is from phone.  Hope that's not cheating.)


Cheryl said...

Sooooo lovely. Love the photos - little snapshots, like postcards. The moody-blue beach one is my favourite :-)

Anonymous said...

these photos are gorgeous!

DM said...

Thanks! The blue ones my favorite too!

Jenna Schold said...

It's so hard coming back to America!

DM said...

The exchange rate sucks here!

Chelsea said...

glad you liked portland!

Bordeaux said...

I would love to go to Portland. It sounds so beautiful up there.