Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shushing Sheep

The weekend last, I took my little niece for a day on an 18th-century farm in Jamestown.  Marina Grace's role models are Anne Shirley, Liesel from 'Sound of Music' and Fern from 'Charlotte's Web,' so I figured a day spent watching sheep being sheared, feeding chickens, and petting newborn lamps would be a dream!

The actual shearing was rather terrifying.  She was clutching my neck and I was trying not to do the same thing to her. "It's like when I get a haircut, painless," I half-heartedly told her.

The whole day was a dream, especially on this farm, laden in fog with the sound of the ocean just feet away.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Yes, and thank you for sharing it. (auntie mame never got around to this one) That first foto is quite something, love it. pgt

Anonymous said...

wonderful! the day, the description, the photos...all!

The Down East Dilettante said...

Love all the photos--the hard nosed cynical sophisticate in me goes all country and moist eyed once the fields get green and the little animals start frolicing....and oh, that farm is divine.

On related notes, I grew up a mile from the fair in Charlotte's Web (Fairfield Porter country, E.B. White country, so many potential posts, so little time...) I've got to get onto my seven secrets...I've just gotten nominated again by Little A.---- I hope it's not against the rules to do a twofer (but who will I nominate, as you both would have been on my list? Oh Woe)

DM said...

Thanks everyone!

and DED, you know I've only been to Maine two or three times? Once to a weekend spent in a cabin with no electricity in Dover-Foxcroft in Feb. A terrible trip, although 12 year old me learned to knit!

Bordeaux said...

Beautiful. I love your pictures.

La Bonne Vivante said...

Gorgeous images; I am in love!

cool blog; I'm now a follower

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Lisa Porter said...

A quiet night in Lexington Kentucky finds me looking at 18th century farms on Google images. Your photo caught my eye and I wanted to see just exactly who snapped it. So here I am.
Daniel it warms my heart to find that quite a few of my most interesting blogger friends frequent your charming Hibernian Homme. This proves that we all have fine taste and much appreciation for great blogs authored by writers like you.
I look forward to following you along on your adventures.
Lisa Porter