Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Risotto allo Zafferano

Looking for some inspiration amongst the tumultuous seas of the internet, I found this post on the 1930's villa used for that new movie, Io Sono Amore, where Tilda Swinton will no doubt amaze us again spicken de ruski enda italiano.  The villa is found in Milano, the city everyone (at least every American) loves to hate. 

But I love it!  I love how it can be so brooding and melancholic one night when it's raining,

and still dreamy and romantic the next morning when it's sunny.

Grab an espresso, try on some Martin Margiela, read a book, find a picture of the train station tre minuti from your homestead at the Gallery, or ask the editor of Vogue Italia if she knows where your glove is - all at 10 Corso Como.

The first time I went, I was taking a train up from Rome and it got stuck in a snowdrift somewhere after Florence (picture Murder on the Orient Express). We all had to get out and trudge through two feet of snow to climb onto another train. Imagine 200 Milanese women in stilettos and furs going through thigh-high snow as train conductors liberally use whistles to herd us.  Never has my Italian been better. When we got to Milano the city was gorgeous with it's blanket of snow.  The Duomo looked like something from Narnia!

Now for the pictures of the villa, that started this reminiscence (hope I didn't loose you) at Man Make Home:


Karena said...

Daniel, especially love the scenes with such a golden glow!


Art by Karena

W.E. said...

I'm ready to move into that villa now....already started packing my bags.

DM said...

Thanks Karena! Good old film can't be beat!

Wanderer... Isn't it a dream come true? I guess it's open to the public for visit!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the free travel. Home sick with a cold, perfect getaway from the bed.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Milan in the snow sounds wonderful. I laughed at the image of all the Milanese ladies in stilettoes! The villa is to die for! xx