Wednesday, November 3, 2010

George Tooker

Self Portrait

George Tooker, a painter in the Magical Realism style, a friend and contemporary to Jared French, Paul Cadmus and George Platt Lynes (my favorite) among others, and one of those people I wish I had the chance to meet and become friends with. 



George Tooker photographed by George Platt Lynes

If you get a chance, take a look at the gallery HERE for more of his spectral work.


Victoria Thorne said...

oh my. why does he look as if he is someone one knows? and his work. as though you have always seen it. but this must be the first time? oh my.

Anonymous said...

Lunch is a knockout!!

There is a new book out about Grant Wood which illustrates some of his work besides American Gothic. I was stunned!! Strangely enough he was pretty much dismissed by many critics of his day. It's truly hard to believe.

I've never seen the GPL photo, what can you say?

Marlen said...

what a handsome fella!
LOVE the tennis shoulder sweater! classy...

DM said...

Victoria-I had a similar reaction. Have you taken a gander at Paul Cadmus or Jared French's work? Their style is very similar and I believe the three of them all used egg tempera as their medium of choice. Maybe I'm being to literal.. ;)

Anonymous (I wish I knew who to address!)- that book about Grant Wood sounds great, and I never knew that he was shunned. He's such an American Icon!

As for George Tooker there is a fascinating (although somewhat cheesy at parts) book, Intimate Companions, that goes into the whole set, mostly based in NY from the 30's to 50's. Really great. GPL would use ballet dancers, friends and fellow artists as models. He was very supportive of anyone with something to say and wasn't one to cut down.

And alas...Marlen! I love how you notice the same things I do. Till death doeth useth aparteth.