Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Big Blunder

I feel that it is my duty to tell you that in my posts a few weeks ago I mentioned how James Lees-Milne did great things for the Landmark Trust; this is false.  Thanks to an anonymous comment I received, I now know it was, in fact, the National Trust.  I should have picked up my error when editing, but obviously missed it.  I blame the fact that the Landmark Trust is one of my bookmarks, and I check it regularly fantasizing about a trip spent in one of their properties.  Nevertheless, I apologize profusely.

James Lees-Milne. Switzerland, 1935.

Will you forgive me?


AB said...

Wonderful Landmark; there are so many gorgeous properties. My favourite is, of course:


Not only the house and the orangery, but you also get several dozen acres of land. Lord of the Manor for a weekend ... or longer.

Anonymous said...

Great - Now I know I won't get any work done today. I'm already planning a trip... In my mind.

lindaraxa said...

I found you through my friend Reggie and just in time too! I have been intrigued by Lees Milne for a long time and have his memoirs on hold in my cart at Amazon but have been afraid to order as nobody I know has read them. Do you recommend starting with his memoirs? If so which ones? There are so many of them.I am thrilled to have found you!!!

DM said...

Anthony- AND it's in Devon, another place I've been dying to go. Imagine the picnics and nights by the fireplace you could have!?

Anzelina- Underwater roadtrip!

Lindaraxa- And so glad I am that you found me! My goal is to start with the beginning of his life with Another Self, then read his diaries (where Another Self ends) chronologically. That's my recommendation! :)

AB said...

I've been to The Library, a very special place. It gets very booked but there are few, if any, poor Landmarks. The Poultry House is brilliantly located too.