Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fare thee well sweet home of mine...Chapter One

I think for the next few days I'll just be posting pictures of the homeland I keep close to my heart.  Rhode Island is a small place, but has many gorgeous vistas.  This tree on a farm near my home is something I pass on a daily basis.

It's especially stunning when the grass is newly green and leaves haven't budded.  Very gothic.


Laurent said...


Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Beautiful and I'm looking forward to more. Thank you!

quintessence said...

How lovely. I didn't realize you lived in Rhode Island - I went to school there and it is a beautiful underrated state with much to offer!

The Down East Dilettante said...

Newly green---been awhile since I've seen newly green grass---been awhile since I've seen grass.

And though my connection is different, my affection for your state, for it's many delights as well as sentiment, is great, and I visit half a dozen times a year

On the other hand, one suspects less snow in Italy...

DM said...

Laurent- exactly!

Kevin- I'll try my best to impress, thanks for stopping by!

Quintessence- Isn't she gorgeous, sorry for sounding corny. I'm guessing you went to RISD?

D.E.D- I have a feeling if I knew it well, I'd love Maine just as much. I plan on making it my second home someday...when I'm neighbors with "a good thing."