Friday, February 4, 2011

Fare thee well sweet home of mine...Chapter Two

My favorite jaunt in all Rhode Island is to little Conanicut Island.  Where endless farms and pastures mingle with rocky cliffs, where a thick forest can still be found and tiny coves are sparsely dotted with houses reminicent of Thornfield Hall.  Lest we forget the best espresso and foccacia bread that can be found this side of Verona, only on weekends of course.  Last night gave us a beautiful sunset, an anomaly for this little isle.

Here, a view at Mackeral Cove:

There's a terribly morbid story involving this cove, but I'll save it for a more apt day.

Ps:  If you want to miss your mom really bad, go over and watch Amy's beautiful footage of her mother as a young woman.


Laurent said...

Oh, I think you're allowed at least one demure island in carry-on, surely?

DM said...

If I can fit it in the trunks? Or maybe my ship will be able to tow it!

W.E. said...

I have added Conanicut Island to my list of places to visit. Thank you for the recommendation DH!

quintessence said...

I am not familiar with this beautiful spot. Will have to put it on my places to visit bucket list - lovely!

Beth Dunn said...

Beautiful view!

DM said...

WE and quintessence- you may have already been there, Conanicut is more commonly known as Jamestown!

Beth Dunn- Thank you, and thanks for stopping by!