Monday, February 7, 2011

Fare thee well sweet home of mine...Chapter Three

The hour is upon us.  I leave tomorrow.  I've not finished my packing and seem to be in a dream state.  My brother an avid cyclist has put together a bike for me, but there was a big predicament about getting it there.  Thankfully that's been ironed out and I can bring it on the plane with me.

It may look terribly cold now, but the water is the most gorgeous shade of blue-green.  My brother and I go snorkeling here in the summer months.

This weekend my sister threw a surprise party for me, which was a first for me.  My favorite card along with a gorgeous tie clip came from my best friend Marlen. I hope she won't mind if I quote some of it:

"...Tell Tilda [Swinton] I say 'hi.'  Don't let her feed you anything...Also, if you're coming dangerously close to selling your body to pay for a cappuccino, please just trade this instead..."

More views of Jamestown (Conanicut Island).

And here is my favorite house in all the world (one of them).  Down a long Manderley-esque driveway lives a humble Georgian cottage that sits atop a cliff.  The surrounding landscape is more reminiscent of Monterosso than Rhode Island with it's grape vines and cypress trees, which juts down 30 feet to the rocky Mackerel Cove where a tiny dock awaits you.  If this is your house, yes, I walked on your property and took pictures.  Why in the world don't you live here year round?  You're one of the few places on the water protected from the feared Nor'easter!  Please contact me if you'd like me take care of the house for you.

Well, my dears, this is the last post State-side.  The next time I'll be speaking to you will be from Italy!  As soon as I get my internet situation figured out I'll be posting regularly, I hope you'll join me on this journey...


quintessence said...

Charming house indeed! Good luck with your move Daniel! I look forward to hearing from you once you're settled in Italy - how exciting!

CW said...

Wishing you all the best!

The Down East Dilettante said...

We anxiously await the next chapter!

And are thrilled for you.

(and those houses are divine)

Anonymous said...

It seems your new camera is treating you well!

Blue said...

Love the blue shadows in the photo of the small hut. Good luck in Italy. I took my first Italian lesson at the weekend - after I fell in love with Rome at Christmas I decided I wanted to go back speaking the language.

Laurent said...

You know me, Daniel. I don't advocate giving up snorkeling with one's brother. But you're off, and now I'm glad the landlady is adjusting to your underwear. That is a great, great start!