Friday, March 4, 2011

Views of Fashion Week

Alas, I'm STILL stuck at the Pakistani Internet Cafe, but I've loaded my pictures onto an external hardrive and will schedule as many posts as I can in 32 minutes and 41 seconds.

Fashion Week was a scream.  Although I looked like a homeless person, per ushe, I still got to chuckle at some of the patrons rediculousness.

The above photo is my favorite and they just wandered five feet in front of me waiting for me to take their picture.

She's from Bazaar, and was actually being photographed by someone else.  I really thought her ensemble was super chic, though.  Nice to see she wasnt in 12 inch heels like everyone else. 

The Sartorialist and Garance!!  It was neat seeing them work together.  She looked at me, I saw with her lips say, 'What about him?'  He looks at me, 'I don't like his hat,' he lips.  OUCH! Thankfully a few others like my shawl sweater and Patrik Ervell shirt and took photos.  If you find any let me know!


Anna Dello Rosso, Editor of Vogue Japan.  She really worked the crowd.  It was amazing seeing everyone screaming her name like she was a Beatle or something.  Literally and hour before this I passed her on the street dressed simply blowing her nose really loud.  No joke!

The best part was the old lady passerby who said out loud, 'Che scemo.'

'Che scemo' means 'What a retard.'


Nick Heywood said...

I don't get the whole Dello Rosso thing -- I'm with the old lady.

It's not that she looks ridiculous, it's that she looks boring most of the time. What is the fascination? I can think of so many other people I'd rather look at.

Mrs. Smith said...

Glad the shawl sweater is still getting a workout my friend!

quintessence said...

Sounds like fun!! I saw Scott and Garance at the shows in NY - they really have great eyes - despite their clear mistake not photographing you!!

Victoria Thorne said...

hmmm...i think garance's vote should just count FOREVER. hold on to that one, forget the hat. you rock. xo.

Jay said...

Outrageous. I bet your hat was amazing. ;]

Anonymous said...

ohh... i was hoping you would get some fashion week and there you were right in the middle of it!

Marlen said...

which hat????
was it the one from detroit? the one that makes you look like gilbert blythe?
cuz i LOVE that hat! sorry sart...wrong call.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

ha! I love the ana comment too. hope you will keep us fully entertained & have no doubt you will! pgt

DM said...

yes the shawl sweater is my constant apartment is freezing and the high ceilings although beautiful don't help matters.

and the hat, i didn't take it too personally. i wore it because i need a hair cut. and my mom bought it for me. for 3 dollars. from a place called Job Lot.