Saturday, July 16, 2011

A day filled with leisure

I haven't forgotten about sharing some more of the yearbook, I just feel I must edit the photographs a bit more so they look appealing and presentable.  In fact, I'm happy that so many have responded favorably and share their views on imagining histories for the unknown!  As I say so often, it's always exciting finding kindred spirits!

As for this photograph...I can't actually remember where I found it.  Was it Retronaut?  I do remember it's a shot of (I believe) Portabello Rd, London in the late 60's.  Lately I've been wishing I could move to London.  It's just another to add to my list I suppose...but for the time being I can imagine living there, spending my weekend with my dalmation -how fitting!- shopping for perishables, knick knacks and rare tea varietals.

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