Monday, January 24, 2011

Camera Obscura

I have made my way into present times, ten years late:  I'm now a proud owner of a digital camera!  I've had a trusty 70's Pentax since I was 15 and really have had no need to get something modern.  But with the move (TWO WEEKS!) coming up, it's become a necessity.  I bought a Panasonic Lumix, and although I haven't figured it out completely I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.  The depth of field is greatly lacking, but I really can't afford an SLR camera at the moment.

This is the first shot I'm actually content with.  An icy shot for this sub zero day.  Now excuse me, I have to treat the frost bite I got when taking this.

(If any of you have any pointers -especially about achieving a better depth of field- I'm all ears.)


Marlen said...

it IS so stinkin cold this morning!!!
i held my breath before going out to get wood for our stove this morning, for fear my lungs would grow icicles!!!!!

AB said...

My starting point for any photographic pointers is Luminous Landscape:

Nick Heywood said...

This has nothing to do with cameras or technique (though congratulations on the fun new toy), but only to tell you that you must see "Palm Beach Story" with Claudette Colbert -- it's totally meaningless and totally marvelous, and I know you'd love it.

DM said...

Marlen- I 'ear ya! If I have to go out and get wood, and messy up the floor one more time I'm gonna threaten to move to Flahida.

Anthony- Thank you! This is such a helpful tool, I can't wait to peruse what else is available.

Nick- Nuff sed. You had me at Claudette Colbert. I'm watching it tonight!

Laurent said...

Your photo was good enough for me to cite among visual nuisances lately coming one's way at a posting yesterday. I hope you don't mind the economy of the shotgun approach. You saw merry shotgunning with the Ale & Quail in the club car in "Palm Beach Story," and if I'd known you were going to be watching the movie, I'd have stood on your spectacles for you.

Cara said...

Greaat reading this