Friday, June 25, 2010

"Play Misty for me, would ya?"

Soul mate, codename: Lulu Lockwood, is coming up this weekend for an overall relaxing, beaching, hair do-ing, 70's (her) or 30's (me) movie watching weekend.  Also the Italian side of my family I rarely see is coming up.  Should be interesting.  Lulu promises fur bikini and fake eyelashes through Sunday.

I can't figure out which of the above is which?


Anonymous said...

You're on the left, L on the right, for sure!

Although...I could easily say "You're on the right, L on the left, for sure!" with the same conviction.


Have a great weekend! We're going on a cowboy bikeride tonight followed by a bonfire, then eating at Horn of Africa tomorrow followed by Breaking Away in the park!

Anonymous said...

mmmm i can't tell either. I would say you were the left because you favor stripey shirts but then again that gal has some huge knockers! so she just has to be me!

bringing a leotard in every color! can't wait to alienate the Itals!
ta! x

DM said...

anzelzalea...Cowboy bikeride?!?! I used to play that as a young cub...well, sultan on an elephant bikeride! miss you guys!

lenayavitch...the headscarfs a deal breaker. as much as i want to be myrna she's you. i can't wait to pick you up from the train station in my floorlength kaftan!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Fur bikini and fake eyelashes? I like her style! Have a fabulous weekend xx