Monday, August 23, 2010

Afganistan 1967-1969

After my post about the man who fixed up a house in Cambodia, some of the commenters and I discussed what would happen if you had to live somewhere that appears to be undesirable.  

Since then I have been search for pictures of places with unknown beauty despite a dangerous reputation.  It has certainly reaffirmed my belief in how beauty can be found in the most unexpected places!

First up: Afghanistan

When I was playing the piano, I remember learning a Dave Brubeck piece inspired by his trip to Afghanistan.  At the time I couldn't think of why someone would vacation there, but it really was beautiful once, as Dr. Bill Podlich's photos prove.

Many more to follow!


Laurent said...

Did anyone think of doing this before "Guernica"?

Beautiful errand, D-H, handsomely achieved. I guess you know Turquoise Mountain Trust, in the Context at a blog near you -

I don't doubt, these pictures will be possible again. No one can doubt it. This is Afghanistan; and the NSA is now reading our blogs.

So be sure to wave.

DM said...

With all my Googling I must look like a prime suspect! Hopefully relatively harmless with my English cottages and flappers.

I hadn't seen the Turquoise Mountain Trust! Thank you for sending that over!

Thomas Hogglestock said...

What a great idea. I can't wait to see what you come up with.