Monday, August 9, 2010

Man is Men

If you've been reading a while you may remember me talking (i.e. hither and thither) about a couple I hold near and dear to my heart, Katie and Micah.  When we met at my debutante ball, Micah was lurking by the bar in a black biker coat, snapping his fingers and talking with the lads about this and that.  I walked by in a zebra print shirt and Andy Warhol wig and the rest is history.  We've been baguette buddies ever since and most of the fond memories I talk about on this blog are spent with them. 

Well, my dears, Micah has started a blog (Man is Men) and I can tell it is going to be as brilliant as he is!  Already I've been giggling to myself reading it, and I'm sure you will too.  His daily updates of curious facts and questions of life promise to fulfill. 

One burning question I need answered:

"At what age does a woman start to lust for a man?!"


Karena said...

I believe it depends on the woman and her taste in men. What makes her lust after him?

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Art by Karena

Micah Saccomanno said...

DAN!! You are the furriest peach! I am flattered and humbled by your more than gracious post. But realize that I am always energized by the out workings of Hibernian Homme.

DM said...

Micah if I'm the furriest peach, you're the ripest banana, and katie the juiciest grape!

Laurent said...

I took a memorably interesting journey by way of this referral, seeing some splendid things and thinking very well of a posting on paradigm shifts. The courtesy is to us all.