Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ben Pentreath Ltd.

I love to gaze at for hours and hours at architect Ben Pentreath's Inspiration section of his online store.  It's filled with the most beautiful pictures of his lovely Old Parsonage in Dorset with a garden that could rival Martha's.  

He is Beverley Nichols incarnate. Look at this bountiful harvest:

A few weeks back he posted for a job opening at his shop in Bloomsbury.  I did everything in my power to not sell all my earthly possessions and buy a one way ticket!  What a dream!

In the future I will have a home in the English countryside with a garden I start from scratch.  For the time being I'll live vicariously through Beverley and Ben.  Please join me.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Loverly. I like it better than Martha. More heart, less calculated perfection.

Anonymous said...

Dang. I just discovered that Portland is one of the few places where, even after staying in one location for 30 years, it generally makes more financial sense to rent instead of own.

But I'll be darned if these gardens don't make a powerful argument for buying a house with a little plot of land... Sigh.

DM said...

I agree, Dilettante, the English have such a natural way with gardening. I'm sure martha's killed a few plants in her day.

And I'm sure you'll find a lovely home with room for a garden...and an extra bedroom for me (houseboy/gardener assistant/servant)!