Thursday, June 3, 2010

I had too much to dream last night...

Nathaniel was playing this song when I was in Portland, and I couldn't stop playing it over and over.  Perfect for those foggy Pacific Northwest mornings driving around in an old gold Volvo.  This picture, which has been saved to my hardrive for about two years, kept popping into my head.  Have a listen and try not to fall in love:

{Thank you Lenaya putting this song on a CD for Anzie, who then let Nathanial borrow it, who then played it for me}


Anonymous said...

oh man!!!! i can't believe i haven't given you the Space Lady stuff personally. I forgot about her. But she was a street artist in San francisco, 70's and 80's. her real name is Suzy Soundz. here is more of her stuff:

Her cover of Riders on the storm is amazing!
xx Dutch

DM said...

lulu dear,

I'm falling DEEPLY DEEPLY in love with her...i love how on one of her youtube things her daughter commented: "thats my mom!!"

i want her to sing me to sleep!

X Dagne

Raina Cox said...

Hello and thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade today!


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